Family Christmas Display


Christmas is the most Joyous time of the year – thank you for sharing a part of this season with us! We hope you can share the Joy, Music, lights and food with Family and Friends.

Christmas celebrates the birth of the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. Because of our faith in Jesus Christ our future is secure - God is in control - even in uncertain times. This frees us to experience true happiness during our time here on earth, regardless of our circumstances - Genuine and Everlasting Joy!

The Christmas season is a good time to reflect on the direction of your life - and if you are realizing the true happiness of living a life guided by God's principles.

What are you doing with the rest of your life? Wow - a pretty big question. But, a most important one.
People have always wrestled with purpose. What should I be when I grow up? Where shall I live? Should I marry, and if so, who? What type of career should I pursue? When older, how will my children turn out and will they lead successful lives? Can I have a successful retirement? Will my health allow me to do the things I want?

No matter the question, people have always sought answers. But, are we asking the right questions? Are we seeking the right things? When all is said and done and life’s end is near, will we look back and say that we pursued life correctly? More importantly, what will God say about the decisions we made?

Unless and until we put our lives in context by understanding that there is a God who loves us and wants a relationship with us, life will be meaningless. No amount of pleasure, education, career, status achieved, or any other pursuit will fulfill. God alone is our sustenance. He alone makes sense out of this crazy world we live in. In the Bible, Solomon discovered this truth after he first tried most everything else. He sought all kinds of satisfaction, but found none. In the end, he decided that these things were “vanity and striving after wind”. Moses put it this way: "Teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom". Number our days - or to make each day count - because we must realize there are only so many of them.

If you do not attend a worship service regularly this would be a great time to find a local church, benefit from regular lessons from the Bible, and fellowship with other Christians. Each week the Values shared from the Bible will enrich your life, guide the direction of your life, and equip you to fulfill the plan God has for your life.

If you have not experienced Genuine and Everlasting Joy, God has a plan for YOU. Because Heaven is a perfect place, and because every one of us has sinned, God provided Jesus to bear the burden of our sin so that we could enter Heaven. The gift of Salvation is free – but we must accept it – and we are asked to follow the Values taught by Jesus as we live our daily lives. In summary, God's Plan of Salvation is simple, straightforward, and available to anybody who asks:

  1. It establishes that we are ALL sinners (Romans 3:23). You must admit (to God, & Yourself!) that you are a sinner
  2. It explains that the consequence of sin is eternal death (Romans 6:23)
  3. It explains that God exists and that we are accountable for our sins (Romans 1:20)
  4. It affirms that God loves us and has a plan for our salvation (Romans 5:8)
  5. It requires that you accept God's free gift (Romans 10:9-13)

Placing your faith in Jesus Christ, and living by His values is the most important decision of your life. If you have questions or would like to learn more, meet with a local pastor to get answers shared from the heart.